Customer Reviews

By Wierper WebWorks

Joep Burgerhof

HC Den Bosch

Fantastic work! I used it for my home page already. It looks slick and it works perfectly. Thanks a lot!

Gijs Campbell

Moving Mouse

I can't wait to use it on my website. I really like the fact that it changes to a slider on mobile devices! Great work!

Fritz Wierper

Wierper WebWorks

Very useful to display customer reviews on your website. It works completely fine with CMS

How do I use them correctly on my page?

1. Copy the entire section and paste it into your own project. You will see that the collection list is not linked yet.

2. Create a collection that looks like the following:

3. Link the the collection list fields with this collection

4. The rating is visualised through a HTML <script> embed. Make sure this is linked properly with your collection. Otherwise the stars won't show up on the exported website.

5. Enjoy ;)